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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Slow Death or Rebirth for Myspace?
Are we really watching the slow inevitable death of Myspace?
With the integration with Facebook complete and the push towards what appears to be a mobile only function, isn't it time to call this one?
They are functionally giving up on Myspace Music, which was always their bread and butter. Without the music tie in, why would people BOTHER with Myspace?
I'm talking about it because my wife's band has used every medium known to mankind to promote themselves online and Myspace has been nothing but dead weight from the very beginning.
Only bands and their most ardent fans go there. The rest are on Facebook. 
There is talk of selling Myspace, but who in their right mind would consider it?
This will have some interesting implications for bands down the road. Many use Myspace as their de facto website, just pushing their domain name onto the customizable site.
Now apparently, Reverbnation, a North Carolina startup, has brokered a deal to integrate Myspace. Reverbation has become more of a place for bands to manage their online presence, but was already doing a GREAT job integrating their presence all over the web including Myspace.
With all the other sites performing the functions that Myspace is trying to integrate, can it really remodel itself as a hub instead of a destination or functional site for bands?
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