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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moving on Up

Not that people care too much, but I've decided to finally make the break between my more personal stuff and the social media stuff I've been posting here.

I had the domain name for a while, but you will start seeing my stuff OVER here at www.socialmediawannabe.com.

Toddlyden.com is going to become more personal and might be self-referential with links over to the other website, but I'm trying to make the distinction. 

Too much of what I would like to talk about ISN'T social media, but at the same time I would never want to stop writing it.

I envision Toddlyden.com as being more lifestreaming, but haven't determined if I am keeping it at Posterous. I find the site overlimiting.  Other's love it, but the interface is even harder to work with and customize than Blogger. I've found it wonky lately with posting to other places likeFacebook. And, it doesn't play well with most other blogging plugins and addons likeWordpress and Blogger.

Some day I might move over and TRULY try out Wordpress, self-hosted, but until then I am sticking with blogger. Where else can you get a fully loaded website for the cost of a domain name alone? 

PS. Google, got my sticker. Now I just need a notebook to go with it!

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