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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Looking Back at Techcrunch's 2010 tech predictions
Let's look back at some predictions for this past year and how good or bad they were-
  1. The Tablet - definitely, iPads are the rage and with others making the moves in the last year, they are the netbooks for the next year.
  2. Geo: Sadly, not as much as you might want to think. Techcrunch REALLY pushed this as far back as 2009 and it is still not as prevalent as folks who use it think it is versus those that don't.
  3. Realtime Search- There is real-time searching? Yes, but do people really care?
  4. Chrome OS It only took another year and they are finally doing it. Try again in 2011.
  5. HTML5 Yes, but again- another slow burn. Seems to be a theme?Y
  6. Mobile Video- Seriously?
  7. Augmented Reality- Huh?
  8. Mobile Transactions - Wha?
  9. Android- most definitely. This past year and in the last few months saw a huge uptick. 2011 could be a huge year for Google powered mobiles, especially with the announcements around Google OS.
  10. Social CRM- Not any bigger than it was? Is it?
Come back tomorrow, we'll look back at another list!
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