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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Don't Be Michael Cera
What happened to Michael Cera?Image by Dan Coulter via Flickr
This is part movie review, part business advice.
I just watched the latest Michael Cera flick, "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World." I never read the original comic, but based on what I have heard- it is fairly faithful.
I enjoyed the movie immensely. It's original with it's throwback "pow-whams" like the 60s Batman TV show.
The story is not particularly original but the implementation is. Definitely worth the watch.
I was however disappointed to see Michael Cera (who looked more like an alien with a bad haircut in this) playing the same character.
I truly believe that Cera is not an actor now and that he just shows up to a movie set and does whatever the director tells him to do. He is not acting. He is just doing the same thing in everything he has been in.
You probably saw him first in the TV show "Arrested Development" like me. He was great as the milquetoast character trying to get with his cousin.
His next major role was the 2007 movie "Superbad." Again, another milquetoast character. The epitome (or so I thought) of this characterization came that year in Juno. His Paulie Bleeker character I thought was just him again from "Arrested Development." 
Each time you see this "character" you have to wonder why any woman would have any interest in him. Some might suggest he is a lovable loser such as Charlie Brown, but most of the time there are irredeemable qualities to the character being played.
In "Arrested Development," he persists in trying to be with his cousin.
In "Superbad," he bails on his best friend.
In "Juno," he rejects the girl. 
In "Scott Pilgrim," he cheats on both girls of interest.
So not only is he a beyond bland, but he isn't the best friend or boyfriend in the world.
People are human- you can forgive certain things, but being bland and boring isn't it. 
Cera may not be this boring "character" in real life, but I find it hard to believe considering virtually everything you have ever seen him in he is playing the same functional person.
You may also enjoy watching this "lovable loser," but don't be him. In anything.
In business, being so one note will hurt you, not developing new ideas it will kill you, and in writing, it can hurt.
Sure, some people want the reliability of the sameness of things, but if you play in such a one note fashion, you will not grow, learn, and try new things.

Tomorrow, who should you be like- until then who is the "anti-Michael Cera" to you?
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