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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why Not 100 Bloggers?
I love this idea for bloggers. The ultimate in sharing! 100 bloggers in 100 days!

Ajay Chavda has this cool idea to comment on and share one hundred different bloggers with a specific post in 100 days.
Photo: Tracy Frayne
He sets the standard with his first "review" here
I like the idea of reviewing all manner of things. Why?
1. It commits you.
You are forced to find a finite number of a particular item, blog, post, person, whatever it is you are going to talk about.
2. Format is good.
You are locking in a comparison technique that people can expect and look forward too the next time they are looking at the compared items.
3. Easy to recycle.
Down the line, you can easily pack this into some other format, even if it is just for easier listing on a blog. It can provide something for an e-book.
What can you do a review series on?
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