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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Knock Out Your Crutches

So I decided I would stop writing posts on a particular someone's blog postings.
In hind sight, I think one of the subliminal reasons I wanted to stop was because I was overly reliant on the idea that I could just do it. Over and over, nitpick it or find something I just disagreed with.
More to the point, it became an easy crutch for me. Need a post? See what Godin was writing about. I couldn't always, but there it was- something reliable, something supportive, but at the same time- debilitating. It was holding me back from something better. 
I don't think my posts on my problems with Godin were bad, just the reliance. I could still come up with something similar for someone else and probably will on occasion.
My point here is take a look at something you are doing that props you up. They aren't all bad. We often times need it to get by, but most people do not strive to live on crutches
But where you are overly-dependent on something to get things done, find another way. Where you rely on the support of others, see how you can do it yourself. And if you are doing something, just because you can, ditch it- just like you would usecrutches.

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