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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Curating Your Butt 3
So I promised that I would highlight some bloggers with the right chromosomes as I had already highlighted six males.
In no particular order:
Lady number one: @sueyoungmedia. Sue was one of the first I began to follow and comment on and she actually responded! Gave me that initial hope that this whole blogging thing might be worth while. She focuses on PR mainly, but here is the post that caught me and made me come back for more. Love the title alone. Catch her here.
Lady number two: @DeirdreReid. Deirdre is a Triangle-based blogger who is writing freelance, but definitely focused on her association background. She has plugged into the social media scene in Raleigh fast, but really knows how to focus on the social media aspect to expand her base. She has written some doozy posts lately, but you can get feel for her with her latest "look back" post.
Last but not least: Kristy Hines AKA @kikolani. Kristy writes and hosts GREAT posts about blogging and all the issues associated with it. She has a regular Friday post that is just a superior rundown on things you should know. See her latest Fetching Friday here before you check out the rest of awesome blog.
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