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Sunday, November 7, 2010

10 Quick Bits About Twitter
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I realize everyone offers their advice about Twitter, but I want to offer a few quick observations about using Twitter as a blogger.
1. There are ZERO hard rules. This is the Wild West of the Internet! Posse justice and all that!
2. Numbers are irrelevant- interaction is not. Who cares if 1,000,000 people are following you? If you can't RT or do something, you may as well have ZERO.
3. Follow or list-following those that interest you. There are so many ways to read through the JUNK that there is little to no excuse to NOT follow people.
4. EXCEPT, you might want to not follow certain folks. Again, it is up to you!
5. People have guides and strategies out the ying-yang and there is nothing wrong with them, but first- know why you are on there! 
6. Nothing wrong with SOME personal stuff, too much is too much. As with anything, moderation.
7. If you have several accounts, don't expect me to follow all of them if you are only repeating the same thing on both (I'm just sayin').
8. Paper.li is a pretty cool way to digest certain things. Plug and play, plug and play.
9. Twitterfeed is a SWEET way to get lots of content for different purposes. Find those feeds and pump them.
10. Hootsuite STILL rocks for scheduling Tweets! Considering most Tweeters disappear on the weekends, it makes me wonder if some are actually "conversing" or have auto-set those Tweets!
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