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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who is Writing the Rulebook?
As I have become more enmeshed in blogging, communicating more online, and sticking my nose where it apparently doesn't belong, I've discovered that pretty much any with status ABOVE newbie has their own rules for how to interact on Twitter, Facebook and the like.
This is good. What is not so good is thinking that your rulebook should be everyone else's rule book. 
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People have no issue telling you the unwritten rules (or often written) that they operate by. This is probably good, because otherwise as you stumble through social media you are going to stub your toes on plenty of objects in the way.
I wrote about having no social media strategy two weeks ago. To me, the biggest thing whether you are a newb or genius is to have realistic expectations.
I suppose if you have 100000 followers on Twitter, you can place yourself way ahead of the pack and follow a completely different set of rules from the person with only 100 followers.
Go write your own rulebook, but realize that EVERYONE has their own and while common sense or common courtesy might seem like it would dominate- it doesn't just do what you think makes the most sense for you.
Click through to twistimage.com below to see Mitch Joel talk about the experience divide problem, as I say- someone always says it better.
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