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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where You Live is Strange
This is a picture of the Boring/Oregon City si...

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Did you know?

In Fayetteville, you live about 20 miles below Bunn Level?

But ironically, about an hour and half south of Bottom?

Course, you also live about 500 miles over Hill and Dale, Florida.

We are about 4 hours west of Due West, South Carolina.

Just when you might have thought our name was boring, you might realize that the people of Townsville, NC were really less inventive.

Course, they might be even more interesting than the people of Boring, Oregon.

We can probably suspect those folks have a better time then the people of Bummerville, California.

You could try and stay even keel like the people of Normal or Ordinary, Kentucky which are both about two hours from Hell for Certain, Kentucky, or perhaps you are more like the residents of Looneyville, Texas?

To go back to Start, you need to head 800 miles west in Louisiana, but you have two Last Chances, one in California and one in Colorado.

Our crime rate has not earned us a Murder Bay, but Washington DC has one!

At least Fayetteville, makes sense.

Somehow, Pennsylvania has its own Jersey Shore, even though it is no where near it!

New Jersey got its revenge though. Who else has a Cheesequake?

Don’t believe me? Look it all up in Index, Virginia.

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