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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TMI on Twitter
Stage 2 Finish: Michael Rogers, Chris Horner, ...Image by richardmasoner via Flickr
So Lance Armstrong annouced the birth of his daughter just as he had the conception (well probably just that his girlfriend was pregnant) via Twitter.
This got me thinking about the amount of personal information that we share on social media outlets.
Mind you, celebrities who are verified brands like Armstrong use the formats to definitely stay plugged in with their fans, their tribes.
For the average joe, how much is too much? I have made the effort, despite my most basic instinct, not to talk about my personal life one through this blog. I have on occasion mentioned my kids- but I don't want to make this about them or use them for constant reference, mostly because I do enough of that in my everyday life, but also because I want to keep that for me.
If you know me well enough, you know how important my family is. But it is because of that I want to keep it separate. 
Also, I'm not a brand. Maybe down the line, I will reconsider my position. Being a brand will play little to no role in that- I'm sure.
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