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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Ultimate in Grasping Your Niche
Discovery Kids logoImage via Wikipedia
You have to give it to Hasbro, they know how to market their goodies.
I grew up on GI Joe and Transformers as 30 minute commercials for toy products. 
Last year, they cut a deal to basically buy a cable network. Nothing wrong with that. The fact that it WAS Discovery Kids has plenty of folks up in arms. But the channel had become a money loser, thus was born- the Hasbro TOY network.
I have NO issue with this. First, because I can share stuff I remember watching with my kids.
Second, with thousands of other channels with educational programming, if you have a problem- go to the next channel. Finally, the next channels are Nickelodeon and Disney, which are now nothing more than glorified ads for Disney and Nick products, yes?
This is the ultimate niche! Hasbro is turning a ton of their properties including board games into televised shows. See a cool list here.  A good chunk of the Discovery programming survived, but the more interesting thing is how many old shows are in the mix. Batman from the 60s! Happy Days, Fraggle Rock, Doogie Howser, Wonder Years, and Family Ties all join new shows like the cool Family Game Night to really market to kids and families.
I suspect we might see more and more commercial entities getting to creating their own channels- why not? They have to compete with Youtube, traditional non-cable networks, and others. Why become beholden to all these other entities for airing your commercials when you can have a dedicated stream of the customers you want!
I can see it now- General Mills partners with FoodTV to create "Frankberry: The Series."
Are you working with others in your stream for such lucrative opportunities?
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