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Social Media Stratergy

willfarrell-bush2.jpgThis is probably going to rub some folks online the wrong way: to start messing around with social media including Twitter, Facebook, etc does NOT require a strategy.

From Wikipedia: Strategy refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal.

How many people first got on Twitter or FB, worked on a Wordpress blog, or finally figured out an RSS feed with ANYTHING resembling a strategy?

Did you REALLY have a plan of action with a particular goal in mind? I still don't and no doubt it shows. Everyone is saying that in order for a small business or someone breaking into the "blogging for money" racket they MUST have a strategy.

Now, I'm sure there are plenty of social media gurus/pundits/bloggers who would say, "But Todd, I don't think everyone needs one when they start." Of course, these are the same folks that have ads selling such things as "How to Become the Social Media Rockstar of the Universe" or are giving away their own free e-book on such topics. 

And yes, I suppose you can make the case for saying, "I only want to show people how NOT to make the same mistakes I made."
Fair enough, except most of these people are looking to make a dime off it.

I say, throw the folks in the deep end. You certainly would not provide someone with a 140 page E-book and then expect them to run a major marketing campaign?

I saw someone online bemoaning that corporations are allowing their social media efforts to be run by the interns. The only problem I see with that is that its temporary. Someone in the company/organization needs to own the social media issue.

The real question is begged by knowing the answer to the one part of the strategery question I agree with: what is your goal?

Are you online to connect with customers, create some brand awareness, what? But, why not take a dip in the pool to figure it out first! 

Learn some of the ins and outs, the unspoken rules (and there are a ton of them!), and develop YOUR own expectations.

I'm sure someone bigger and smarter has said it, but I REALLY needed to say it. Go out and find your own strategery.

PS you can check out social media strategery here, thanks to Steve Radick.

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