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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rule #32
I finally had the opportunity to watch "Zombieland" with my bride. It was great and had a set of rules for surviving Zombie Apocalypse.
This did not inspire me to write a whole new list of "blogging rules" or compare the movie to blogging.

Rather, rule #32 stuck out in my head as I watched the movie and enjoyed it so in a quiet moment that we needed. 

"Enjoy the little things."

It's silly, repeated way to often, but almost always taken for granted. We focus on big goals, great dreams, or huge ideas, but in many ways its the little things that can REALLY help.

They keep us grounded, keep us sane, and remind us that while pursuing the big, we can still be happy with simple and easy. Just as Woody Harrelson's character just wanted a Twinkie in the zombie apocalypse to keep him sane.

What's your little thing? Also, what would your post-zombie name be? In the movie, they called themselves by where they were trying to go. Can I be Honolulu?
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