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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quit Blogging!

So another slate of blogging proponents are quitting? Nathan HangenJim KukralDavid Winer are amongst the names.
Hangen was the most recent- his reason? No reason for posting any more or that it was a content dump? Do I feel like I am giving anything away? No.
I've been worried about this because I was getting burnt. Mostly on my own self-imposed schedule of a post per day, but also on keeping up with the flow of information out there.
The case for not giving up blogging? It only has to be part of the pie, here Joel Spolsky explains why this company is "taking it off line", but it seems like when blogging is what got you there, why would you just diss it?
Kristi Hines explains why 5 common reasons for giving up blogging are bunk:
Scarybooster wrote the answer I needed:
He admits failure and keeps going. Me too.

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