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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kill All Blogs
Cause what the world needs now
is another folk singer
like I need a hole in my head.

What the world doesn't need:
1. another blog about blogging
2. another blogger who just wants to help others to blog (about blogging)
3. another "I'll show you how to get $ from blogging" program/guide/class

Really. We just pure D do not need another. I implore you, if you are considering starting another blog about blogging. Just Don't.

I've immersed myself in the blogosphere fairly hardcore for over a month and I am here to say, no more. 

1. Blogs are good, blogs are tools, blogs are innocent. It is the repetitive use of blogs to promote blogging about blogs which is overdone.  
2. Blogging for money. Caveat on the caveat: using blogs to promote your business is not bad, in fact, its a great idea, but thousands of ads? Not good, nor is shilling every affiliate product to come down the pike.
3. Ignore all of the above. You do what you want.

The market is going to correct soon. For those that think that talking about blogging is going to make them money, the bubble is getting ready to burst.

Blogging has been declared dead before, just as radio, TV, DVD etc were all declared dead. They are still here, but look at what has happened to all of them.

I guess it's just overload. Too many pitches. Too much sounding like car salesmen for a product that people REALLY don't need. I don't believe "blogging" is going anywhere, but the person who is struggling in this economy thinking that this snake oil is going to pull them out or be their retirement need to do a triple take.

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