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Monday, October 4, 2010

Jobs for Life? Try Enlisting
I found this FASCINATING: Jobs for Life: If It Works in Germany...

First, because there is a terminate clause. If it isn't working, Siemens can pull the plug in 2013 which seems inevitable because there was no discussion of wage dealings. They do this and suddenly the unions decide they want tons of concessions!

Second, we have this in the United States: it's called the all volunteer military.

I've been around the military my entire life. 

This is for all intents and purposes a catch-all welfare program. I've spoken to many soldiers that agreed with me. They had little in terms of employable skills or just needed direction. Mind you, this is not to say that all would have trouble finding employment. There are plenty that are perfectly employable BEFORE they got in. They joined out of patriotism, civic service, or other good reasons., but plenty did it because they perceived little other options.

I can see people suggesting, but this is a private company versus the government. True, but if you look at what is being offered: lifetime employment, other than government service, what private company is doing that anymore?

And more to the point is doing it on such scale? We have nearly 3 million Americans on active or reserve status for all armed forces. This means approximately 1 in 10 Americans and their families rely on military benefits etc.

You can debate the need and uses of the military until the cows come home, but I doubt you want to see the impact of "laying off" that many folks into the economy. 

Granted, many will have very employer-friendly skills and be prepared to take on the work necessary in the civilian world, but at the same time, could we take on the needs of those soldiers including housing, medical care, and other long term benefits?

Again, lifetime employment, if you want it.

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