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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hold on to your Badges: 4square is Down!
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I've been meddling around with 4Square, but I don't have a smartphone so its not particularly easy.

I REALLY am missing the boat on this one. I mean, I get it. If you live in a place with higher carry rate of smart phones and people who have that BURNING need to check in, it makes a world of sense.

Beyond having GPS tracking on your customers, does it get better? 

I spoke about the problem of 4Square the other day and the lack of smartphones that makes it easy to participate, but when you have systematic failures like the ones it has experienced over the past few days, it gives you pause about using it.

Twitter has a checkered pass with its reliability, yet, its not going to leave us any time in the near future. Neither will 4square. Why?

It's FREE. ALL MARKETING IS FUNDAMENTALLY UNRELIABLE. I won't regurgitate the famous Wanamaker quote. But one of the tradeoffs that people like about the free mechanism of social media versus its unreliability is that it does illustrate which half works. 

I still am not all that keen on using 4square. I have little use to be Mayor of Waffle House. I'm not in an area that embraces social media deals or advertising, but I can see why it works where it does and why eventually most people MIGHT have to actually use it or address it. 

Until then, I'll pine for a jetsetter badge.

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