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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Godin's Fish Story
Nile perch Lates niloticus in comaprison with ...

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Man, it's been a weird week for Godin. Nile perch as an analogy for distractions? Really?

Check the wikipedia link he cites. 

He is suggesting that you might try something new- like the fancy exhibit at an art museum but it detracts or distracts from what either needs to be done or even worse might have long term negative implications for what you are doing.

Unforeseen consequences are commonplace. You think you might be doing the right thing by doing something new or different.
But the reality is that most of the time, you try to think about that don't you? Negatives are often going to accompany the positive, the best we can do is anticipate as best possible and know what you can deal with.

If YOU brought that exhibit in, you'd make sure you took care of the day to day and KNEW what the tradeoffs on bringing it in are right?

Read the wikipedia article, like all innovations you try, you won't know if it works or not until it is tried.
It is a mixed bag, some negative and some positive. Mind you, in THAT case, the long term impact still isn't known, but there are people on both sides of the aisle for the immediate impacts.

Really, this is a cautionary tale for eco-systems, less a commentary on you trying something new. Just be smart about it.

The better question might be, how do you make sure you are innovating the right way?

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