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Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting Off the Twitter Offramp
After two months of blogging, my best lesson is ENGAGE on Twitter.
So many others have done a better job explaining all the ins and outs but the gist of it is spend the time to engage people on Twitter.
While you can write posts and comment wherever you like, the reality is those are the rest stops of the highway that that is Twitter.
Everyone is driving fast on Twitter and it can be difficult to have REAL conversations. Just as hard as it would be to talk to someone driving 80 mph on the interstate, you have to slow down using DM or blog commenting to have real conversations.
Great example happened this week-
I've been following @damondnollan on Twitter and his blog (still done on Blogger, big props)- I tweeted that I saw his blog was done on Blogger- he acknowledged it on Twitter.
The following night I'm checking out Twitter and he is on testing out Livestream. I jumped on board to see the test and a fullout discussion of my wife's band, Reverbnation and other such merriment occurred. All documented here.
That's what Twitter is about. Connecting you to things you may never have known about. If you actually watch the video, you will see that we both got some great takeaways from what in the real world would have been just another networking event where we just happened to bump into each other and exchanged business cards and some conversation.
Twitter: the networking conversation that occurs at 80mph, if you let it.
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