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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Curating your butt
I was inspired by Marc Hedlund's post to look at what I like and make some suggestions in the blogging world. Or as he suggested, "curating your butt" on to someone's blog I like. I know this is not dissimilar to blogday, but why not share the wealth all year round?

My first suggestion is "Bit of Business" from Brian Landi, who started blogging around the same time as me and provides a mishmosh of topics like myself. 
We've interchanged a bit about topics we talked about online at virtually the same time, which fuels my "crowd conscience" notion (for another post) about how bloggers may be posting about similar topics at the same time. 
Second, Stanford over@pushingsocial. He's actually been willing to engage and has largely (at least according to what I've seen) put his thoughts into action. Learning lots from his output!
Finally, Wayne Howard over at Business and Pleasure. He started near the same time I did, but was well ahead of figuring out what he wanted to do with his blog. His is a good model for what you can do with blogging as a business (I think).
Any suggestions?

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