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Friday, October 29, 2010

Curating Your Butt 2
So this blogging thing is fun.
Between all the people hawking their wares, pitching their webinars, seminars and ebooks, there are people who are just using the medium and the tangents (most notably Twitter) just to meet other people.
I think the information sharing and the exchange of opinions are the two most important things that are derived, weak ties be damned.
I highlighted three bloggers a few weeks ago and I would like to do so again.
First, @damondnollan. I mentioned our exchange a week ago but really think you should give him a chance here at his blog.
Second, @danperezfilms. Some might say I took it too far this week with my open letter to Dan. But his unhealthy obession with Tom Cruise (and mine too apparently) aside, Dan does great stuff online and you can find him here. My only question is can he show me where how and when two of my favorite shows are shot, The Glades and Burn Notice. 
Finally, @markwschaefer. I find myself disagreeing with this "social media bouncer." (is that like a club bouncer or someone who gets around a lot online?) I disagree, but he still comments back without hesitation. Find my ramblings on his ramblings here. 
Oddly enough, I just realized I've done six gents in a row, but I have met some chicas that deserve a callout too. Definitely devoting time to that in the near future, but if you have someone you'd recommend, drop me a line.
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