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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are You Afraid of Foursquare?

Ari Herzog has gotten some great response on his blog about why he is droppingfoursquare. Head over there now to read why- scary tale, click through to discover why- definitely worth it.
The whole scary notion of folks digitally stalking you using your own online life is frightening, but not new.
We tend to put too much up thanks to Facebook and others assuming that no one has nefarious ideas about using our information.
I am sporadically on foursquare and can see some uses for it on the business end. 
I personally think that just deleting an account might be overkill or at least in reaction to the story seems overkill. 
I tend to put things up that people are going to know anyway and frighteningly enough too much of our personal information is public knowledge anyway. 
Geolocation, we are being told, is the wave of the future, but I can see some backlash just like this coming down the pike.
Why do you use it or not?
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