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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tool: Twitter Karma
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While Twitter is still gaining traction with most folks, a recent study tell us:
"The average (median) lifetime number of tweets for a single user is 1, while 10% of the users contribute 90% of the traffic."

Perhaps not a great sign of longevity? 
One tool I've started to use to cull my numbers so I don't appear to be OVERfollowing is Twitter Karma. Head here to check it out:

I'm not going to review it per se because these fine folk have done that for me:

However, I will lodge a complaint- not all activity is current. I was looking to lower my follower numbers and it indicated that someone had not tweeted in over a year. Yet, go to their account and it was updated hours ago.

Otherwise, it is a good way to visualize what is going on with your followers. Although, as one review points out, only good if you have less than 10000 followers. 

Not an issue for me, yet.
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