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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tool: Boomerang for Gmail
Alright, I'm already a convert for the Boomerang plugin for Gmail.

Google, please buy this tool and make it official. How is it that you HAVEN'T already done this for us avid Gmail fans?

Freenuts discusses the pros well here. But also talks about the negative of sending a txt attachment.

A good basic explanation is here as well along with a review of Lettermelater.

And one more great call for the needed plugin here.
Those folks said it better than I could!

I've sent multiple posts to the blog via this tool and have LOVED it. 
Perhaps the only downside I see right now is that the plugin only works in Chrome and Firefox.

Some people have said they have not gotten the invites to the beta online, but I did what they asked:
"follow @baydinsoftware and tweet that you want an invitation. We'll DM you an invitation code within one day."

If you are a Chrome lover like me, and use Gmail at all, you should give this a test run!
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