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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Claims, The Claims
DE Plane, De Plane! 
Pretend you heard Tattoo from Fantasy Island saying the post title. Go ahead, we'll wait. 
Not so funny? Fair enough, but neither are most of the things you read on the internet.

I was reading a blogger's site for some interesting stuff. It was ok, but one thing stood out on the pitch to join his subscription list. "100s of people can't be wrong!"

Join all the other readers to get apparently exclusively FREE stuff, along with all the hundreds of others.

They just can't be wrong? I think we'd all beg to differ. I've seen some GREAT posts dig into this one better than I can. In particular, Susan Young's latest rant was GREAT.
My fave there: "A Tweet that says “I just worked all day on my new blog post. Read it at________.”  A touch of Jersey sarcasm here, but no one cares about how long you struggled to create your genius post."

Priceless, but true. Do you care how long it took me to synthesize this nugget? Er, no. Was it useful? Dear god, I hope so. 

But if not, at least, I introduced you to Susan and reminded you to keep an eye out for De Claims!

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