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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taking Beer and Nuts to a Whole New Level
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I have no clue how I have missed 10 years of a spice maker trying to drive taste trends, but I (and I suppose 95% of the public) missed the tenth annual McCormick® Flavor Forecast this year.
I could not make this up if I wanted. McCormick® , the world's largest spice company, has been unleashing this prognosticating tool since 2000. Their latest version can be found here. They've even opened up MORE with a grilling edition and a holiday edition. 
I titled the blog post today on the 5th combination in their standard edition this year: almonds and ale. Seriously. 
The flavor pairings only started in 2007, but the very notion that you can be predictive of what chefs, cooks, and laypeople at home will cook with is... brilliant?
The company has chef Kevan Vettar look at the crystal ball with a team of folks from around the country to come up with such combinations.
The [McCormick's] share price has more than doubled in the decade since the 2000 forecast. Since 2005 between 13 and 18 percent of nonretail sales have come from new products launched in the three preceding years.
 What can you do with this? Does your business work in a creative field that would allow you to help drive the trends? 
Can you create a report that drives attention to your business?
If nothing else, would you like to try some Sloppy Joe Sliders that taste of beer and nuts?
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