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Sunday, September 12, 2010

(Not so) Lazy Sunday Post: Cultivating Fans
My family ADORES Cook Out- a relatively regional favorite driveup (mostly) hamburger joint.
It quickly replaced the one from my youth- Central Park (although no place will EVER top their fries!)

Cook Out is justifiably a favorite with many people because of their low prices, quick service, and good food.
Why am I talking about Cook Out? As mentioned before, they have killer customer service. I stopped recently after work one night to pick up five of their combos. The combos are another story. For $4.25, you can have their "entree item" plus two side items and a drink! Seriously.
They delivered EVERYTHING in a five meal order, correctly I might add, in less than 10 minutes through the driveup. 
This type of service coupled with a GREAT product has produced some RELIGIOUS fans! Just look at Cookout on Facebook.  65 thousand fans without anything on the page!

And if that wasn't enough, there are competing fan websites out there:
Fans have put up websites that rank tops on Google if you search for Cook Out. That's devotion. The company still does not have its own website even though it has franchises in 75 cities. Not bad for a company that is barely 20 years old!

Here is a great little review to illustrate the deal with Cookout.
Now, why do I mention them? This is how you cultivate fans isn't it? Especially such devoted fans. Good service and good product. Provide those in hamburger slinging or any business and you will get some fans.

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