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Saturday, September 18, 2010

No Free E-Commerce Lunch
I am a huge fan of FREE. 

I've only set up two ecommerce sites so far. One was REALLY easy, the other was moderately easy and only because there was a limited pile of items and because I researched the snot out of my options for something that was free but provided a good resource.

I bring this up because I saw this older piece the other day on FREE ecommerce options. 
Out of the ten options, none exists as an ecommerce option and most are bellyup!

Does this make free obsolete as an ecommerce option?

I say no- this piece from last year lists quite a few options. 

The one I've become enamored with as I have worked with it a little more is ecwid.com.

I've seen a few articles out there criticizing the model, but I do believe you can find quality tools for next to nothing or nothing, as it was in this case.

I would definitely recommend as it had an easy interface with other sites, created nice standalones, and integrates well with Facebook.

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