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Monday, September 13, 2010

Name Something You Need to Win
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I have one vice on Facebook. I am relatively addicted to Family Feud on there.

Two reasons:
1. it is short and sweet. I answer my questions, answer friends and then move on. I am not asking multiple friends to plant seeds or kill someone in an effort to win.
2. I've become competitive from week to week with several friends.  
I bring this up because I actually committed this past week to beating someone I know on there. Surprisingly, we help each other.
If you've never seen the Feud. in the end, two contestants answer the same questions and the top answers win but BOTH can count towards the total with different answers.
In this way, the Feud on FB is still quite communal and yet, it is also very competitive.
Thankfully, I don't commit too much time to this vice, but this past week I decided I wasn't fooling around and really wanted to beat this friend of mine in the points standing. He whooped me good the past month or so.
This weird schizophrenic game reminded me how a little competition can help us do our best. 
Who are your competitors in whatever you do? Do you know what they are doing? Would you know how they are winning or you are winning? Are there easy metrics to understand? If not, how do you develop them so you know how you can do better?

The weirder thing might be that most competitors in anything, even Family Feud, while they can still BE competitors can also be friends, mentors, and more. But being competitors might just make us better, all of us, in the long run.

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