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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Live on Your "Sucking Hump"
"Sucking Hump" is a patent-pending term from Man Vs. Debt blog.

I loved this post for a variety of reasons. 
1. Just heads on good advice for blogging.
2. Great listing of resources.
3. Invention of the the phrase "sucking hump." To quote: In other words, I feel I’ve crossed over the sucking hump.

 Quite honestly, I invite you to LIVE on that "sucking hump." 

Baker describes it as living between success and sucking, so I suppose it could be a success hump, but that doesn't have the ring or illustrate the point.

Why should you live there?  Because thinking that you have gotten over that hump might lead to thinking that the journey is done right?

If you are searching the horizon for the next success, living with the sucking or failure that could come with the risk of success, then you pretty much have to exist on the "sucking hump."

That takes guts though doesn't it? Baker seems like he is living on that hump, but most people who appear brave to us are probably existing on  the "sucking hump." 

Find the person who is living on their hump, and join them, if you dare.
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