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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is There a Vitamin for Good Customer Service?

Seemed like my past week was about criticism and customer service.
It so happened one of my favorite examples of great customer service needed a calling this week and I thought I would share the experience. This is going sound oh-so testimonial, but I'm really just trying to illustrate a point- really!
Swanson Vitamins has been around for over 40 years.And I've been ordering from them for the last 10.
Why do I love their customer service?
No Wait on the Phone
Seriously, I've called and within one ring gotten a rep who knew it was me because of caller ID. I actually chatted with an online rep and ordered over the phone. It appears that they use Mitel for their overall system and it works! They have immediate access to your previous orders and are ready to take the next one.
Unlimited Shipping
They want you to order as much as you can from them at once. How can you tell? They ship as much as you want to the 48 states for only $4.99. Wow. It pays you to order as much as you can at once!
Reasonable Pricing
They do offer specials and what not but most of the time their prices are going to beat what you will find elsewhere without gimmicks. However, they do run many BOGO deals and do have promo codes. 
Social Media Embrace
I'm fairly sure their call center is the center of their universe, but somehow they have not neglected to jump on the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon. They are breeding their fans online and over the phone! Check them out on Twitter and Facebook. One key to their success on those platforms? Notice that they are NOT just tied to each other. 
Great Website
Look at that website. They have all their bases covered: email subscriptions, daily deals, video and now they are also embracing the next big thing with going mobile! 
Is it rare to find good customer service? I don't think so, but I do think that it is rare to find an organization that so embraces every way in which they can work to service their customers. 

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