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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Creating Ideas
One item was missing, sort of.

He suggested lastly, I suppose as last resort, to hire a professional. 
I dare say before you spend some money- go online.

Between the blogs and many other cool places, you can find someone to help you out for FREE.

One place I've liked recently is Aardvark. Feel free to click that to ask me questions via Gmail chat!

Everyone LOVES to recommend Linkedin Answers.

Facebook got in on the act with Questions.

And some FB employees have started their own, QUORA.

A Twitter-powered one I really liked at first is Peerpong.  605961_PeerPongCompleteLogo2.png

Course, why not just search Twitter? Ask folks you know online through your various circles. A while back I needed a logo designed and asked for takers on Twitter. Found great advice and work through the system!
Either way, take a look- some great ideas about finding and retaining your ideas!

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