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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Newt Gingrich
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I'm one to get political with such things, but on 9/11 I thought it might be ok to talk about an idea that was recently raised by Newt Gingrich over the Muslim Mosque/Center near Ground Zero in New York City.

He suggests something that I thought the first time I heard Bush describe this as a war. 
Why wasn't the site of the World Trade Center declared a National Battlefield like we did with Gettysburg or other sites?

One of my students raised the idea in a debate competition years ago and you would have thought he was suggesting everyone paint their head pink to the people in the room.

This was at the time that the memorial was being proposed for the site and here we are years later still fighting over the same place.

I'm not making a statement on the Muslim Center, I just don't know enough. But on the notion that we should have something more to remember what happened nine years ago, I don't think we could do enough on the ground there.

Unfortunately, I am not sure we have learned from the incident. Thankfully, we have lots to remind us.

Take in defunct Live's terrific 9/11 tribute:
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