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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 Days!
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Well, I made it to thirty days of blogging.

Somehow I managed to make the last one coincide when I would be out of town.

I have a few ideas on the backburner, but could not get to them over the past two days due to work travel.

What have I learned in thirty days?
1. Writing makes you think better.
2. Writing makes you think creatively.
3. I missed writing but apparently not thinking better or creatively.
4. You can write without an audience.
5. An audience can literally just be yourself.
6. Take your time finding what you want to say, but once you know what it is just say it.
7. Blog writers are EXTREMELY forgiving when it comes to spelling and grammar.
8. Blog writers probably ought to be more discriminating.
9. Finding folks who share similar ideas rocks.
10. Not trying to use a blog to sell crap is rewarding.

I think I can keep up this pace.

I am going to keep trying month by month to do AT LEAST a post/day. You will notice (which I don't suppose anyone will) that I technically did not get 30 in 30 days because the posting screwed up and I only REALLY did 29 in 30 and doubled up.

Considering the number of posts waiting to come out, I'd say I'm doing ok.

Thanks if you ARE paying attention and please, nitpick or comment- love it or hate it.

I can take it, I used to teach.

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