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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Fiver Experience (Part 1)
So I don't have much money to play with to get stuff done for the internet. This should come as little surprise to folks. 
To get some logos designed, I decided to give a site called Fiverr a shot. 

I registered and put up a simple request for a logo without specifications or information.
Within hours, I got nearly 20 offers for doing my design work. Thankfully, the system uses Paypal for all transactions. Once I selected the lucky designer, the order system took the specifications for the "seller." Interestingly, of the 20 or so that I got within 12 hours of posting my request, only a handful sent along or had examples on their page to illustrate their work.
Many tried to initiate the transaction by asking, "what kind of logo?" The creator I went with had illustrations on his profile and was direct. "I will make your logo" was the opening salvo. What sold it for me was a "promo" he was running. While the majority offered one logo for five bucks, this was THREE for five!
Could I be throwing money away? Perhaps, but the creator is also offering to turn out logos in one day. We will see. 
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