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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy Sunday Post
Paste the sentences into a note of your own, change to your answers, then tag me and ten other people. Be spontaneous and write the first thing that comes to mind so we can all psycho-analyze you. 
1. My ex... taught me a lot about myself, after she left me.
2. Maybe I should... call my wife soon.
3. I love wife and my kids more than words can say... nuff said.
4. People would say that I'm... loyal? friendly? brave? courteous? kind? a boy scout?
5. I don't understand... how hard it is for people to not even try to see other's POV
6. When I wake up in the morning... I thank god for who I wake next to
7. I lost... my father way too early
8. Life is full of... moments of complete hilarity
9. My past is... exactly where it needs to be
10. I get annoyed when... inanimate objects fail me
11. Parties are... mostly wishful thinking
12. I wish... for parties? No. My children find what makes them happy (within reason) and do it to their hearts content.
13. Dogs.. are my wife's and youngest's best friend.
14. Cats... are cats, but Bauer is the best one that ever existed.
15. Tomorrow... will be good.
16. I have low tolerance for... 
17. If I had a million dollars... kids could attend college and the wife and I would find a place to hide
18. I'm totally terrified... by very little, just the intangible things I can't control.
19. Whenever I can I... hold my wife, appreciate the kids, try to ignore the internet
20. My life... is not what I expected, but exactly where I should be

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