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Monday, August 16, 2010

Do you have something you can easily associate with what you do? 

Perhaps a mascot? Your logo or name is something that you could translate into something people can easily identify?
I'm not a marketer, but dang- Wendy's Frosty has around 3 million friends on Facebook!  Go ahead and click on the link, you'll see I'm right.

 There are many examples out there of  mascots and items that you associate with your brand, but this is an inanimate item. True, a TASTY and popular item, but nonetheless- an item!

You might wonder, but isn't it just representing Wendy's? Yes and no. Wendy's has it own Facebook page. Which referentially refers to the Frosty FB page all the time. Plus, the "voices" of both pages are different. Yes, creepily enough, the Frosty talks to its followers/fans. I'm curious because the Wendy's Twitter account aligns well, but also has a different voice from the FB page. However, there is no Frosty Twitter account.  (Perhaps there is a squatter?) 

Beyond that, to illustrate my point behind the ICONIC nature of Frosty- it has more fans on its FB page than the Wendy's page! (Updated: Not true as of 2015).
I would attribute this to three things:
1. They are linking more directly to the Frosty page. They promote the value of it irrespective of the Wendy's brand.
2. They have contests and promotions tied specifically to it.
3. It is THE symbol of Wendy's. Since Dave's death, the Frosty is now the ICON you can associate with Wendy's.

Lesson: find your symbol and make it the face of what you do. For some it is a person, but in the case- it is a TASTY treat.

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