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Saturday, August 28, 2010

How Do You Revise Your Opinion?
Ever revisit a movie that you either LOVED or HATED initially and then did a complete reevaluation of your opinion of it?

Don't we do this much of the time anyway? I started thinking about it. You have a similar effect with media that we get ALL the time like radio plays. Eventually, that Lady Gaga song is not going to be as offensive to you just through repetition.

I get Entertainment Weekly and saw the reviews of long time reviewers where they reconsidered previously reviewed movies. Here is a decent example:

However, movies, and other things like food, we don't visit as often. Some we do because we clearly love them. I will ALWAYS stop channel surfing for Raiders of the Lost Ark or Jaws, for example. 

Take a gander at the reviews above (go ahead, you can come back). Owen Gleiberman was forced to defend his opinion with the maker of one film! He does after twenty years come to appreciate the film. I'd wager it has something to do with his relationship with the filmmaker that he mentions.

I struggled to find a movie that I revisited and either loved or hated later. I'll get back to it next week!

How about you, is there something you used to feel one way about but now feel the opposite? How did that happen might be the bigger question?

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