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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can You See the Growth of Facebook too?
I noticed my first post from WAY BACK in December- Facebookhad about 350 million users.

They recently celebrated 500 million users! This was news! Zuckerberg did a prime time interview to celebrate.
Recent articles, such as those suggested below, are taking nibbles at the social media giant suggesting that it is not sustainable growth. Perhaps they have reached their saturation point? 

A recent Washington Post article looked at Zuckerberg's leadership style and identified believing in the vision as something worth emulating. Even when the young CEO had the opportunity to sell the company, he stuck with it. That willingness is seeing unbelievable growth.

The original point was how did they get there and more importantly, how do we plan our own growth? Whether you are talking personal, professional, business or otherwise, if you are lucky enough to have good, positive growth are you prepared to adapt to it?

It would appear that even if Facebook never reaches a billion, it is adapting well and will be able to weather much of what comes down the pike. Are you just as ready for the followers, the users, the cash influx, the education necessary? 
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