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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adding Value in the Background
Thank god my youngest has finally discovered Pixar movies in their glory; especially, The Incredibles.

As I rewatched it for the nth time recently, I was struck by one thing. Mind you, the movie is borderline perfection as it is. Very little goes wrong with any of the choices made by Pixar and the director Brad Bird.

However, one thing stood out. The music. Michael Giacchino was a freshman film scorer when he was tapped to score this big movie. Sure, he had done Lost and Alias for frequent collaborator, JJ Abrams, but this was his first full on movie soundtrack!

Watching the movie, I marveled at how the music added to the experience. One segment ALWAYS made me come back to this film. It is the exciting moment as the family is evading missiles in flight and then get hit! Listen here.

I watched that scene realized how I would have STILL been mesmerized by the action and suspense. But listen to that clip again, you can FEEL the action and suspense in the music.

It is impossible NOT to put them together now when I watch the film. Can't think of the scene when I hear the music and can't hear the music when I watch the film, even with the sound off.

That my friends is ADDED VALUE. Granted, the movie was GREAT. But the music really ramped it up a notch. That's something we should all try to do, no?

PS- in deference to my son, he thinks this scene has the best music on the movie:

 Hard to argue! 

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