Adios Sprint

Where was Dan Hesse last week? The CEO of Sprint was out talking about his product again. Ignored my open letter.

Let me be clear with my eulogy: I come not to bury Sprint, but praise it.

Twelve years is a long term commitment for those looking at their telephone service relationship.

There were a few times that I was pretty sure I might leave Spring before now. But it took a temping harlot for me to turn my back on a company I have been loyal to for so long.

My first day of Virgin Mobile service and I am fairly happy I made the switch. Despites complaints to the contrary, there was no issue porting my phone number over.

The customer service was impeccable. The website easy to manage.

So why did I leave Sprint? Money. Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint and somehow can provide an individual with reasonably priced smartphones and good cheap service plans. I got an Intercept, a Droid phone. For $27, I have unlimited texting and data with a mere 300 minutes of talk- for $40 you can up that to 1200.

Mind you, Sprint has a plan: Everything Data - with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM.
It provides unlimited data, talk, and text and for some reason "nights and weekend minutes?"

Let's be clear, I don't hate Sprint and don't wish them ill will. I just found a better deal.

I did clarify in my last post that I felt their customer service rep was a bit dishonest in his attempt to keep me. 
This was part of the reason I felt little compunction in leaving Sprint.

So I say good night to you Sprint, perhaps we shall meet again? 
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