Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quick Take: Moon

Cover of "Moon [Blu-ray]"Cover of Moon [Blu-ray]Just finished the Duncan Jones flick "Moon."


What works
- Sam Rockwell - the man OWNS this movie the way Ryan Reynolds had to own "Buried." And he does so in a way that if revealed would spoil the movie.
- the story- the location is original, but the story is a bit derivative of some others, but it works!
- special effects- you will believe that you are living alone on the moon... going nuts.
- believable- this looks like what a future "Helium 3" mining operation would look like on the moon.
- HAL computer voice supplied by Kevin Spacey? Check!

What doesn't work-

Thankfully, this guy is working on his second film coming soon. Enjoy the trailer:


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