Thursday, November 18, 2010

Curating Your Butt4 (to Nashville)

 So you can consider yourself curated to Nashville. 
I've come across these bloggers from Nashville (there's a scene there, who knew?) in the past two weeks worthy of a mention:

First came @joey_strawn. Just some great stuff that is spot on, written in a style I find extremely pleasant to deal with. He is doing SO MUCH right- it's a pleasure to watch and read. Check out one of my favorite posts of his here.
The Bonnie to his interwebs Clyde is @lauraclick. Both are from Nashville, which makes me regret not getting to know the place better that one time I visited in the 90s. A great example of her work is some rules about following on Twitter, loved it. Plus she has a lab- lab people are better than the rest of you.
Last, only because technically it's Murfreesboro and not Nashville, but she bounces in their world: @cosminsky. Erica is a transcriptionist and her blog reflects it, but it is the coolest blog centered on transcribing you've ever seen. 


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