Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blogging Platform Wars!


So I found this infographic just fascinating.

These were the stats from 2009 according to Problogger. Of course, self-hosted Wordpress is growing like a well-water lawn. The best part is the click through to see that while Wordpress.org is growing by leaps and bounds, Wordpress.com declined since 2007. 

Even more astonishing is that Blogger GREW! I love Blogspot myself and have done several sites using the platform.

Of course, I'm using Posterous right now because I wanted to give it fair shot. 
I am REALLY contemplating bagging this platform. I like it, but it does not offer enough toys to work with and is expressly hard to customize. 

Thoughts? What about Tumblr? Think it will expand and what happens with the news about Typepad and Moveable Type?


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