Are You Quick Enough to Lead?

How quick are you at seeing something coming down the road?

I was fortunate enough to hear a wonderful speaker this week who suggested that one of the crucial talents of ANY leader is recognizing a trend before it starts. You've heard that before, but I was able to personalize it yesterday.

My youngest was slowly taking care of her night time routine when I said something to the effect of "hey poke-a-loke, can you move any slower?" (Thankfully, my youngest has the sarcasm gene.)

Without missing a beat, as if she was Jim Carrey, she slows the movement in her body down and pretending to be in slow-motion, says "Suuurrreeee, Daaaaaaaaad. I caaaaaaan moooooove sloooower."

I stopped myself from laughing and continued with the nighttime routine but stood amazed by this six-year-old's ability to move on a dime.

Her ability to see a joke (even if she doesn't realize it) and react to it is borderline precognitive to me. I only wish I could see the road half as well as she does.

It's something to have that foresight, is it genetic or can it be learned?

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