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Dear Founder/Marketing Head/Product Development/Customer Funtime Lead,

I am just writing this vague and boilerplate email to repond to the Nth Billionth email I've received from one of you with regards to your freemium, SAAS product/app of choice.

Look, if I had questions or concerns about your product, I am a smart enough guy to find the email, contact page, or bot that you call a chat module to get an answer.

If you want feedback, you really do need to give me enough time to actually use your product. Emailing me a mere day or two after I have only signedup for the product is not enough time for me to evaluate something.

It finally occurred to me that you are like the waitress who comes back to the table right after dropping the food and asking if I like it before I've even begun to chew.

So please, stop.

Just don't bother. Use your email for advertising or something else, but pestering a potential client like this is a pretty good way to make sure I stay a potential client and not an actual one.


That's how many "connections" I had amassed on Linkedin since January 2009.
Well, I just "Hoovered" my connections. I went down the list, bit by bit, and removed a whopping 203 from the pile.
Sadly, some of the folks had passed.
I'd say about 1/4 never really used the platform at all even if I knew them well enough.
I'd say another 1/4 might have meant to use the platform, but switched jobs, lost interest, or just didn't bother. It was surprising the number who had duplicate and even triplicate accounts (?)
I was really surprised by the number of what I would consider "high profile" people I know that have poorly executed Linkedin accounts.
I'm not in an area where Linkedin is perceived as a networking opportunity, but it is.
I get requests DAILY from people I have no clue who they are. Somehow they found me. For some reason, they deem me important enough to get in their circles. I suspect it was just because it looked like I could connect them to someone.
This isn't like Twitter where its just a numbers game.
I know there are people I asked to connect with that I might have only tangentially known, but figured that it would be worth keeping in the modern Rolodex that is Linkedin.
This is ACTUAL people. Trying to make actual connections, eventually.
And that is why I punted over 200 from my list.
I have been asked on occasion to make that connection for people who are number one in my circles but number two or three for someone else.
This is why I recommend that if you are going to at least try to take Linkedin seriously that your connections are about quality, not quantity.
Do you really want to connect two people that you BARELY know?
Could you RECOMMEND everyone you eventually connected with?
I barely recognized a huge chunk of my connections and didn't know a bunch.
Well, no longer. I cleaned house and can feel good about my connections on Linkedin.

Somewhere back when, I used to talk about movies on this blog. I thought I might take a look at the box office winners this year to see what I have seen and give you some of my thoughts... I went down as far as 25!

1. Captain America: Civil War - Did exactly what it needed to do. Wish that we could have seen the movie without the "civil war" that was PROBABLY planned BEFORE they got RDJ involved.
 2. Finding Dory - Not a bad sequel, but really added nothing to the overall appeal of a much better predecessor.
 3. Zootopia - One of the gems of the year. This will be rewatched if not rehashed with the eventual sequel.
4. The Jungle Book (2016) - Sorry, I could NOT get past the CGI backgrounds. I don't care what people say, the animal effects were largely ok, but I could never see past the GREEN SCREEN on this one. And a sequel?
 5. The Secret Life of Pets - STILL HAVE NOT SEEN. Good or bad?
 6. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Edit about 45 minutes and this could have been a "good" movie. There are admirable parts, but the whole is dragged down by some silly ideas.
 7. Deadpool - The most rewatchable movie in the last five years. Hilarious, actiony. Hopefully, original.
 8. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them - I'm surprised I'm this far and have only NOT seen one of these. This Harry Potter retread was fun, but unless you are a true fan, it just does not have enough of the magic of the Potterverse to warrant caring about.
 9. Suicide Squad - Sadly, over-edited by the studio, but still insanely (literally) servicable movie that did what it needed to do. Like or hate, there is more likely to be more SS than Superman in the immediate movie future.
 10. Doctor Strange - Cumberbatch proves that he can carry this film. Slides magic into the Marvel movie universe in a believable way.
 11. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Heart-breakingly good. CGI issues aside, which I did not care about, the story carries straight into the next one and works. Best use of Darth Vader EVER.
12. The Mermaid (Mei ren yu) - Heard of this Chinese movie. Wonder if I can Netflix? Hey, it's on Starz!
 13. X-Men: Apocalypse - I can't believe how much Singer crapped the bed after earning the good will back on DOFP. Only Jungle Book had more green screen this year.
 14. Kung Fu Panda 3 - still haven't seen.
 15. Warcraft - Could not pay me to watch.
 16. Jason Bourne - I wanted to see, but once the movie opened and got trashed, I stayed away.
17. Ice Age: Collision Course - they will keep making these until Ray Romano is dead. They add just enough to keep interest and not bringing them out TOO often.
18. Independence Day: Resurgence - still haven't seen, but based on word of mouth, there is reason to believe I won't ever see.
 19. Monster Hunt - Saw this described as the biggest movie that North America has never heard of. I remember seeing the trailer, but this Chinese import never broke through.
 20. The Legend of Tarzan - still haven't seen, but have hopes considering it was by David Yates.
 21. The Angry Birds Movie - see Warcraft.
 22. Moana - Can't believe that I have not seen this one yet. 23. Star Trek Beyond - Still have not seen, but want to.
 24. Now You See Me 2 - Might watch if it comes on TBS.
 25. Trolls - Sorry Justin, but I have no interest.

 So I've seen at least half of the top 25 movies of 2016. Seven of them were made/produced by Disney and of those 6 are in the top 11. Wow.
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